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Thursday, October 6, 2011

"In Pursuit of Happiness"

Yup, I stole my title from the movie. Last post was a song, now a movie. I will be original one day, but not today.

I am going to tie Tuesday's challenge in with today's. That one was about captivating my husband. I need to be able to do this before I can pursue him. I have been working on a few things that I think will help. One of the main ones is to get dressed, fully, before he gets home from work. It was a little easier to do during the summer months, but in the winter I would wear my sweats all day with my big fluffy slippers. I can step it up, by putting on a pair of jeans and some shoes or sneakers.

The way I look is important when he gets home. Not just the way I look, but the kids should be well kept, too. I know it's October, but no scary movies aloud.

I have also let myself go, physically. I can't even blame it on having the kids. Things had started going south before them. Now, I am jogging three times a week to whip my body back into shape. This all started with Zumba classes over the summer. It was so much fun, that I want to get certified, but am in no shape to do it just yet. I am doing this for me first, but he will reap the benefits.

I have heard that me are very visual, so these are two things that I am working on to captivate my husband.

As I get closer to these goals, it builds my confidence. I have never been one to pursue a man. It was always the other way around. Even being married, this is the mindset that I grew up with. In my culture, going after a man, was thought of as being "loose."

This is going to be something that is going to take some time getting used to. Yeah, I do believe men are after one ultimate goal and they have no feelings. I even read somewhere that women may feel superior because they have more control over their hormones. I have never really thought that, but I sure have acted that way.

I want nothing in the world, but to make my husband happy. I plan on taking some action in pursuing him a little more often.


  1. Yeah, when I was growing up, pursuing a man was a quick way for someone to call you "fast." LOL

    But I think for me, I've had to say to myself, I'm not just pursuing "some man" but I'm pursuing my husband and it is being done within the sacred boundaries of marriage, and that is acceptable unto God.

    Congratulations on making some healthy choices (I'll be right there with you once my baby is born!!) and have fun pursuing your husband!!

    Take care!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! When are you due?