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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Best Ride Home

I remember the day that I met my husband like it was yesterday. We worked together. I had the job before he did, so I remember him walking in the building with his tie and brief case. In the beginning, I didn't even talk to him all the much. I did introduce myself to him and we discussed work stuff. That was about it.

Several months later, his friends started hanging out with my friends. We had all as a group started going out for breakfast. Then when we began working the same shift we would meet for coffee an hour or so before it. Everyday, I had looked forward to meeting John for coffee. He always made me laugh and was like a, "big brother." I know it is the last things that guys want to hear, but that is how I felt about him at the time.

Fast forward a few more months. I got into a car accident right in front of our job and he wasn't there yet to meet me for coffee. The one day that I needed him. I missed him.

I know longer had a car after that and John would give me rides home from work. He lived a good hour in the opposite direction. If we worked late and we had to get up the next morning, I would just tell him to crash at my place. At this point, I would say we moved beyond friendship, but still had no idea how much beyond it was going to get.

One evening he brought me home from work and I sent him on his way. I just needed a break and to be alone. It was the loneliest night that I had in all my life. I realized that I couldn't live without him. I still had no idea that I could never live without him. I just figured my house was too quiet, so I got a dog...LOL I already had a cat.

Once we realized that we were miserable apart. We decided to make things official.

Here we are 15 years later and he still makes me laugh. Next month will be 13 years of marriage. I obviously have to spent time away from him now, but we talk several times during the day. My dream is to one day work by his side, again. We just tick when we are together.


  1. Sweet story. . .congrats on 13 years!

  2. Desiree I love this - praying you two always tick by God's grace. Blessings to you ~Marci