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Monday, May 10, 2010

First Salad

Last week, I had the best salad of my life and there wasn't even that much in it. Jonaya and I picked some of the leaf lettuce that we have been growing. We picked a few radishes to stick in there, but that was for John. He is the only one in the family who likes radishes. We also picked some parsley to add some more flavor since the other vegetables aren't even close to being ready.

As you can see here, we didn't pick very much, but we had enough for the family to have a bowl full. We just spritzed it with our favorite salad dressing and went to town. I am so proud of my little salad. I plan on eating a whole lot of it this summer.

We have also planted some more cucumber in containers. By mid-summer it should be growing out of our ears. We also have 15 pots of squash and 3 big containess with 5 pepper plants in each. The carrots and onions are starting to poke through the ground.

We also transplanted the tomatoes into bigger pots and took them out of the homemade newspaper pots. They aren't growing very fast, so we moved them away from the house closer to the garden.

Our next major garden project is setting up a green house, so that we can have plants growing all year long.

That is all that I have to share for now.

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  1. I really miss our garden this year.. I have several tomato plants though.