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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scales of Justice

I thinks it's just a natural born instinct for us to judge and compare with those around us.

From when we are children we make sure we get everything that our sibling is getting. It has to be the same amount. No more no less. If this doesn't happen we make sure that or objections are heard. Sometimes we get our way and other times we are not so lucky.

As we grow up and become teenagers we have to be wearing the coolest sneakers and keep up with the latest fashions. Does this measure our self worth? No. It is just a way for us to feel excepted by others. When you don't do these things, you are looked upon and "less" than they.

Then you think it is all over and you go to college and you have to go to the "best" school and have a major that will get you a good job to take care of yourself and your future family.

When does it end? Does it ever?

Now that I am a mom and wife. I still find myself on the scale. Did I make the right decision staying home and not having a career. We have given up a lot as a family, so that I could stay home. Am I looked upon as lazy, over-protective, or poor? Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to impress people, but these things do cross my mind.

As a wife, I will "test" John to see if he is willing to change a diaper just like I am. When he is home, I will say I got the last one, it's your turn.

If I do all of the housework, I like when it is noticed. If I'm tired, John should be tired, too. If he gets to relax, why don't I get a break?

I know it's wrong to compare myself to others. I need to just be me. Like, I said, I think we are just born with it and woman have it worse.

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