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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Praise and Coffee

I started leading Praise and Coffee nights back in August. I am so encourage every month when we get together. I am still new to the area, but haven't let that slow me down. Even if it is just two of us it is worth getting together.

I have been working on getting the word out today and I just feel that the Lord is going to go great things.

We don't have anything formal planned. It is just woman getting together in a local coffee soap to encourage, inspire and connect. We get so busy with the daily responsibilities of life that it is just nice to slow down and enjoy each others company.

The group was originally started by Sue Cramer and a group of her friends. It has grown by leaps and bounds. People are forming groups all over the world. If it is something that you would like to join in on, check to see if there is a group in you area. If not, start one of your own. It is pretty easy.

I look forward to seeing what God does in the coming months.

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