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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thanks Grandma

Yesterday was a good day. I went shopping for myself! Whoa, that was just so weird. I didn't know what to buy.

I had a gift certificate since Mother's Day from my grandmother. It was for Dress Barn. So, I had to use it on myself. She knows me too well. I knew that I'd better use it since Mother's Day is coming up again and she will be here next month.

They had such pretty dresses in there, but how often would I wear it? I'm a stay at home mother. I only go to church once a week and I can't wear it every week...LOL I'm still not down to the weight I want to be at to wear cute little Spring dresses yet.

So, I'm walking around, with both kids in tow, looking for something to buy with what I thought was $40 and ended up being a $50 certificate.

I think I did pretty good and got something that I will use everyday. Jonaya helped me.

Isn't it great? I love the crocheted look on the front of the bag and I was hesitant on getting the sun glasses because I knew that I can get a pair at the Dollar Tree. So, I spoiled myself. I still have over $9 to go back one day. Maybe, I will get a top.

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