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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garden Update 7/30

We haven't been doing much in the garden during these super summer hot days. I'm already looking forward to the cooler months.

I have lots of good and bad news from what has been happening in the last couple of weeks.

I was so excited because we had lots of cantaloupe growing. Every time I looked at it I was already tasting it...LOL

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, when we first got back from vacation. It is actually about the size of a soft ball now. We were out there yesterday and it looks like something is getting the plants itself. They are turning brown and have a bunch of holes in the leaves.

This is my Rose of Sharon that I got off of Freecycle when I first moved in. It has blooms! I wasn't sure if it would bloom or not after transferring it and they look kind of spindly. We plan on pruning it in the fall, so it should look better next year.

This is a picture of one of three.

When we got back from our trip, we also found our first squash. I'm so happy that I found out that they bloom twice before it produces the vegetables, otherwise I would have thought that we killed them.

The tomatoes are still getting ripe. We have harvested a few and they were so tasty. Ian did get a little excited one day and picked some green ones, so we had fried green tomatoes one night. They were delicious!!

I have picked to good messes of beans. My husband sauteed them with some sesame oil. They are the best beans that I have had in my life.

Time for some more bad news. We didn't get very much corn before it just all turned brown. I wish we got more because the few ears that we did get was the sweetest corn that I have ever had in my life.

We planted a whole row of pumpkin to be ready for Halloween. We have a killer pumpkin butter recipe, too.

Look what else we made! Those are our own pickles. We combined several different recipes into one. I'm not a big pickle eater and those are good. I think we should go into business...LOL

We had a lot of cucumber and the kids weren't eating them fast enough, anymore.

That about covers it for this week. For more gardens visit Stephanie at A High and Noble Calling.


  1. Good for you for planting a garden!! I keep saying I want to have one, but let ignorance get in the way. I think I will just do it next year!!

  2. We have tons of extra cucumbers here too =( We've done pickles and dehydrate them. Tomorrow we're going to try seasoning them and then dehydrate them, kinda like flavored chips?! Might be an idea for your extras too.

    GREAT looking garden! =)

  3. I love Rose of Sharon plants; such a pretty flower. Your garden is doing well!

    Don't be discouraged about the cantaloupes, they'll probably be fine if the insects are just attacking the leaves. sometime squirting them with a bit of dishsoap mixed with water will discourage insects.

    I have never pcikle cucumbers before, would you mind sharing your recipe and anything you learned from the experience that a newbie like me should know?