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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yay, Harvest Time!!

I have been wanting to post since early in the week. I'm trying not to post updates more than once a week, so that my blog isn't consumed by my gardening, like a weed...LOL. I'm sure that is plenty of excitement.

Ok, Sunday when we got home from church I had the kids change and we all went out to work in the garden. You saw the hot mess it was in in my post a couple of weeks ago.

After all of the rain, I had to go weed and my husband told me to "hill it." I got all of the weeding done. Well, most of it. I gave Jonaya the job of hand weeding the carrots and she did such a wonderful job. I told her that she can have that job for the rest of the summer. Once I hilled everything, it seemed like the plants were standing at attention immediately. That made such a huge difference.

We did lose most of the row of carrots, all but 2 bean plants, and we are not sure about the peas yet. I think they may recover. So, John and the kids planted more of all three. I was in the house baking.

The Discovery:

John called me outside and he showed me this cute little tomato, starting to grow.

Here it is here.

then we went to look at he cucumbers and John showed me this puny one starting to grow. Then I found this one.

After John left for work, I went to do some more hand weeding. The 2 bean plants that we had left had grass growing around them. That is when I discovered this.

So today was the day we got to pick out first harvest. We picked 6 cucumbers at lunchtime. Jonaya was so cute. She was ready to go and get them for breakfast. Here we are getting our first cucumbers.

We just cut it up with some vinegar and added some fresh dill (from the garden) to it. It was the best cucumber that I ever had. I can't wait to get more.

By the way, we did have a down pour yesterday evening and "hilling" the plants did wonders. Everything is all above water!


  1. LOL! I struggle to keep my gardening posts in check as well! How very exciting to find the first baby veggies; it won't be long now.

  2. Oh my, it looks wonderful! And don't worry about posting about your is so nice to invite us over to look ;-)

    thanks for sharing,

    lady m

  3. Your garden looks great! Isn't it so exciting when you start to see things grow! I love that! Thank you so much for participating!