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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tons of New Plants

I am so excited! I have lots of great new plants to share. I did a little shopping this weekend.

Here is my front porch.

This is just a shot of the left side, I also have pots on the right. It’s all the same, though. The blue pot is delphinium. It has these pretty lilac blooms. All of the small pots around it is wildflowers. I had gotten a Mother’s Day card, last year, that you can plant.

Last night, we had some dinner guest and they brought presents. Aside from the 3 bottle of home made wine, we got a bamboo plant, turkey fig, and a peanut plant. How cool it that? I will get pictures of them once they are planted. Well, the bamboo is staying potted. I don’t want it taking over my yard. Those are all on the front porch right now, too.

I have also added some pots to the back patio.

In the big round pot are my herbs. I have dill, parsley and basil. There was a fourth herb, but I don’t remember what is was and it didn’t grow.

The small round pot to the left has blue daze in it. Then the second one has two more pepper plants that grew by accident. The third is catnip that is about to bloom. Then in the square pot I have vinca, portulaca (the pink one) and a marigold.

The rest of the garden is doing great! I’m still harvesting cucumbers about every other day. I get between 7 and 9. I have more tomatoes starting to grow. There are a few beans that I need to go harvest today. Oh, and the corn has tassels!

I learned something from my friends, last night. I thought something was wrong with my zucchini and squash. They are blooming and then the blooms just fall off. Those are male blooms. Then it will bloom again, with the females and that will be my vegetables. Who knew?

I have no idea what I will get into next week, but I’m excited to get outside and do more gardening.

How does your garden grow?


  1. What a nice garden :o) Mine is in containers like some of yours. Hope you have zucchini and squash soon :) The baby squash at the base of the blossoms is so cute.

  2. How fun! I can feel the joy when I read your garden posts and leave smiling!

    My cucumbers plants are still only a couple of inches high. Maybe God is looking out for me because I planted 20...and I have no idea how to pickle!:-)

  3. Hey Des,
    I went to the Atlanta Union Mission today in Winder, and they have a black microwave and a white one. The black one was only $35. You should come check them out and then y'all can play with us afterward!! :)
    I think I will see you tomorrow at Meredith's??

  4. Hey Desiree! And hooray for tasseling corn! You good folks in Georgia are a bit ahead of us in East Tennessee! :)
    I don't think I've ever heard of turkey fig!
    Happy gardening!

  5. Oh, I didn't know that about the zucchini and squash either. Good to know because my zucchini has just started blooming.