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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Homeschooling Doesn't Have to Cost A Lot of Money

I just read a great blog post and I wanted to share it.

Dana from Composing Hallelujahs did a guest post on Everyday M Moms about How to Homeschool for free.

I have always felt embarrassed when other homeschool moms ask me what curriculum I'm using. I have always thought that I was the only one not going to the big homeschool conventions and buying the most expensive curriculum for my kids.

I haven't done more than the basics with Ian. He is 2. We are still trying to get potty training under our belt. He is in the room when I am teaching Jonaya, though. She is 6 and Ian is already picking stuff up. It's amazing.

I mostly use Ambleside Online, which Dana mentioned in her post. I have also used Old Fashioned Education. There is where I found out about CIMT Prep. Jonaya just finished year 2 and by age, she should only be entering the first grade in August. I have the 3rd grade Criterion-Reference Competency Test Practice book and I'm sure she can take that test now.

I am so proud of what my daughter has accomplished in her little 6 years of life. I don't know why I let what other people think bother me. I try to do what is best for my family with what we have. Instead of being embarrassed I should be holding my head up high and I don't.

I pray that this coming year I can change this.


  1. I don't go to the big conventions either. We LOVE using notebooks and finding what each of like to study/learn about. Learning is fun and it doesn't cost a fortune to do it.

  2. I just noticed you are from GA, so am I.

  3. I am so glad you posted this. This is our first year of homeschooling and I'm learning that there are so many curriculum choices, and some of them are SO expensive!
    Although we have pieced together our curriculum from various sources, I must say that the Public Library plays a major role in our learning. Being able to use the books for free as been a blessing!

    Thanks for posting this; I'll be checking out the resoursce. God bless!